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    What We Offer

    Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis stands as your trusted partner for on-the-go automotive solutions in St. Louis, MO. Our skilled team of mechanics brings expertise directly to your location, offering a wide range of services from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. Experience the convenience of efficient and reliable automotive care with Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis, ensuring your vehicles stay on the road with optimal performance.

    Spark Plugs and Ignition Coil

    Spark plugs and ignition coils work in harmony to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the engine cylinders.

    Engine Repair

    Engine repair is essential for maintaining the health and functionality of a vehicle’s power plant.

    Brake Repair

    Brake repair is crucial for ensuring safe stopping distances and maintaining vehicle control.

    A/C Repair

    A/C repair is essential for restoring comfort during hot weather and ensuring a pleasant driving experience.

    Car Mechanic

    Our car mechanics possess the expertise and dedication to diagnose and repair a wide range of vehicle issues.

    Tire Replacement

    Tire replacement is crucial for maintaining traction, handling, and overall safety on the road.

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    Why Choose Us


    From routine maintenance to complex repairs, their experts have the knowledge and tools to get the job done right the first time.


    Their mobile service saves you valuable time by providing on-the-spot repairs and maintenance, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day activities.


    By eliminating the overhead costs associated with a traditional auto shop, they can provide cost-effective solutions for your automotive needs, saving you money in the long run.

    Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis

    Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis is your one-call team for stress-free auto care in St. Louis.  We’re the Gateway to getting you back on the road fast, with trusted mechanics delivering expert repairs right where you are.

    Our top-notch services solidify us as your wisest choice for all things automotive:

    • Engine woes? We diagnose and fix.
    • Need a smoother ride? Tune-ups are our specialty.
    • Oil change time? We handle it swiftly to keep your engine happy.
    • Brakes a concern? Our expert service ensures your safety.
    • Electrical gremlins? We banish them for a trouble-free drive.

    We go beyond basic repairs, offering a comprehensive menu to address every aspect of your car’s well-being.  Our certified mechanics are your pit crew on wheels, bringing expertise to your doorstep.  From engine care to oil changes, brakes to electrical – we’ve got you covered. It’s not just about car repair, it’s about peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in the hands of the best. Experience the unbeatable convenience of Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis – we build trust, one satisfied customer at a time.

    Call Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis at (314) 798-7359.

    The Future of Auto Care is Here

    Let’s be honest, hearing about a mobile mechanic service in St. Louis might sound too good to be true. You might be wondering, “What’s the catch?” Well, the good news is, there isn’t one (besides maybe missing out on some dispensed snakes and sodas).

    Our mechanics are certified pros, fully qualified to tackle cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. They bring the expertise directly to you, minus the uncomfortable waiting rooms and questionable vending machines found at traditional repair shops.

    Here’s what you avoid with Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis:

    • Expensive towing bills
    • Risking unreliable mechanics
    • Wasting time waiting at a garage
    • $1.00 cans of Coke from a shady machine

    So, ditch the drama and skip the wait. When your car needs a fix, call us! We’ll be at your location in minutes, ready to get you back on the road quickly and efficiently.

    Areas We Service

    Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis proudly serves a wide range of areas in and around the greater St. Louis region, providing convenient automotive solutions wherever you are. From bustling city streets to suburban neighborhoods and rural communities, their mobile service reaches customers across the entire metropolitan area. Whether you’re located in downtown St. Louis, Florissant, Chesterfield, Oakville, Wildwood, University City, Ballwin, Mehlville, Kirkwood, Maryland Heights, Hazelwood, Webster Groves, Ferguson, Arnold, Affton, Spanish Lake, Manchester, Creve Coeur, the surrounding counties, or even farther outlying regions, Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis is committed to bringing their expertise directly to your doorstep.

    Call Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis at (314) 798-7359.

    St. Louis
    Webster Gloves

    University City

    Richmond Heights

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    Mobile Brake Service

    Faulty brakes can turn a fun outing into a scene straight out of an action movie (minus the stunt crew). Cruising over the Poplar Street Bridge shouldn’t be a life or death ordeal, even if this is St. Louis.

    Here are some warning signs that your brakes are about to…well, take a break:

    • Squishy Pedal? That’s not your imagination. A soft or mushy feeling means your brakes aren’t engaging properly.
    • Grinding Symphony? That happy tune from your wheels is actually a warning – your brake pads are wearing thin!
    • Rock-Hard Stopper? A stiff pedal that barely slows you down is a major red flag.
    • Pump It Up? Don’t get into a rhythm with your brake pedal. Having to pump it repeatedly to get any stopping power is a serious problem.

    Don’t go flying off the Poplar!  Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis comes directly to you.  We’ll diagnose and fix your brakes right in your driveway, ensuring a smooth ride (and a stress-free game day)  Call us today and keep those bridge barriers between you and the water.

    Tire Care

    Picture this: You fuel up on a delicious breakfast, ready to conquer the workday. But as you head out the door, bam! A flat tire throws a wrench in your plans.

    Ditch the sweaty struggle of changing a tire in your work clothes. Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis is your morning savior! We’ll race to your location, prepared to either replace your flat with a brand new tire or pull out the spare from your trunk. Either way, we’ll get that tire changed so you can experience the true joy of another work day. You’re welcome.

    Pick up the phone and dial (314) 798-7359.

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    Electrical Issues

    Flickering headlights? Dead battery? Don’t let electrical issues dim your driving experience. Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis is your one-stop shop for all things electrical.

    Our certified mechanics tackle everything from fried alternators to faulty sensors, burnt-out bulbs to bad spark plugs. We even handle those seemingly small but essential parts –  like that cigar lighter that mysteriously stopped lighting your victory cigar after a long day.

    We diagnose and fix electrical woes right where you are, eliminating the need for a tow truck.  Whether it’s a minor inconvenience or a major malfunction, our team brings the expertise directly to your driveway.  From wonky sensors to safety-critical lighting issues, we’ll get your car back in tip-top electrical shape, keeping you safe and on the road.

    Give us a call at (314) 798-7359!


    A lot of things get checked and replaced during a tune-up. These include:

    • Spark plugs and spark plug wires
    • Filters
    • Oxygen sensors
    • Oil condition
    • Ignition timing
    • Throttle body
    • The PCV valve

    You might also get an oil change if it’s necessary. Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis brings the service to you. We’ll handle everything while you relax in the comfort of your own home.

    Our experienced mechanics are pros at servicing all types of vehicles, from family vans and sleek SUVs to sporty coupes and dependable sedans.  We’ll keep your car running smoothly, so you can get back to enjoying the drive.

    Call Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis today – we’ll make sure your car is happy and healthy, without interrupting your day.

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    Pre-Purchase Inspections

    Buying a used car is a bit like visiting a casino. The decks are against you because the house doesn’t like to lose. Well, we can turn the tables around. Take the risk out of the game with a pre-purchase inspection from Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis.

    Our certified mechanics will thoroughly examine the vehicle at your preferred location, saving you the hassle of towing it to a repair shop.  We’ll inspect everything from the engine and transmission to the brakes and electrical system, providing a detailed report on the vehicle’s overall condition.

    Here’s what our pre-purchase inspection covers:

    • Engine performance: We’ll check for leaks, listen for unusual noises, and assess overall performance.
    • Transmission: We’ll ensure smooth shifting and identify any potential issues.
    • Brakes: We’ll inspect brake pads, rotors, and lines for wear and tear, ensuring safe stopping power.
    • Electrical system: We’ll test lights, battery, and other electrical components.
    • Fluids: We’ll check engine oil, transmission fluid, and other fluids for condition and leaks.
    • Tires: We’ll assess tread depth and overall condition.
    • Interior and exterior: We’ll look for signs of damage, rust, or leaks.

    Armed with this detailed report, you can make an informed decision about the vehicle.  You’ll know if it’s a good buy, or if there are potential problems that need to be addressed before you purchase it.  This can help you negotiate a lower price or walk away from a potential lemon altogether.

    Don’t let a hidden problem turn your dream car into a nightmare.  Call Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis today and schedule your pre-purchase inspection.

    Certified Professional Auto Care

    We’re all about making car care convenient and trustworthy. We understand how important a reliable car is to your daily routine, and a breakdown can throw everything off. That’s why we bring ASE certified service directly to you, saving you time and stress.

    Our top-notch mobile mechanics will give your car the A-list treatment it deserves, diagnosing and fixing problems right there in your driveway.  Slam the brakes on car troubles and get back on the road quickly with Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis!

    Call us at (314) 798-7359!

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    Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis offers unparalleled convenience and expertise for all your automotive needs. Their mobile service brings skilled technicians directly to your location, saving you time and hassle. With transparent communication, competitive pricing, and top-notch service, Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis ensures that your vehicle receives the care it deserves, wherever you are in St. Louis.

    Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis saved me from a major headache! When my car broke down on the way to work, I thought my day was ruined. But their mobile service came to the rescue. Their technician arrived promptly, diagnosed the issue, and had me back on the road in no time. The convenience and professionalism were unmatched.

    Troy McReynolds

    I can’t thank Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis enough for their excellent service. With a busy schedule, I dreaded the idea of spending hours at a traditional auto shop. Their mobile service allowed me to get my car serviced right in my driveway. The technician was friendly, knowledgeable, and took the time to explain everything.

    James McKinney

    I’m beyond impressed with Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis! When my car started making strange noises, I was worried about the cost and inconvenience of repairs. But their mobile service made the process seamless. The technician arrived promptly, identified the problem quickly, and provided a fair quote. I appreciated their transparency and efficiency.

    Brian Hermes

    Call Us Today

    Our crew isn’t just your average mechanics – they’re seasoned gearheads who can handle anything with an engine, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and even boats.  Mechanical mayhem can strike at any time, leaving you feeling like you’re stuck in mud.  That’s why we bring the entire garage to you, fully equipped to diagnose and fix your vehicle right on the spot.

    Whether your brakes are acting up, your electrical system is fizzing out, your tires need some TLC, or your engine’s grumbling, we’ve got the skills and tools to sort it out quick and tight. No need for car trouble to mess with your game time – holler at us today and we’ll make sure everything under your hood’s running smoother than the surface of the great arch.

    Call Mobile Mechanic of St. Louis at (314) 798-7359.